Whole + Holistic Wellbeing = Wholistic Wellbeing by Sunny Gurpreet Singh, Founder CEO RoundGlass, Edifec — The Importance of Wellbeing & Corporate Wellness

Dinis Guarda
3 min readMay 25, 2021


Recently, I had the privilege to interview Sunny Gurpreet Singh the Founder and CEO of www.round.glass, Edifec. We had a powerful discussion about the Importance of Wellbeing, the concept of Whole + Holistic Wellbeing = Wholistic Wellbeing and the importantce of personal and Corporate Wellness for each of us and our organisations and businesses.

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is the founder, leader, and CEO of both @edifecs and Round.Glass

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is the visionaire behind the concept of #WholisticWellbeing. This concept is critical for our times.

#Corporatewellness is a key concept for our #businesses

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is a serial entrepreneur, software and industrial engineering, who I believe can lead and open new ways to the way #wellbeing and #corporatewellbeing leadership is presented to the world

Sunny Gurpreet Singh main focus has been on building #roundglass @roundglassUS, making #socialimpact #sustainability and creating global #holisticwellbeing solutions for #humanity

Sunny Gurpreet Singh mission with #RoundGlass is simple, yet ambitious: to “inspire people to embrace a life of #WholisticWellbeing to create a happier, healthier, with more harmony world”

Sunny Gurpreet Singh works to achieve this by investing in and developing new #technology, #digitaltransformation #platforms sharing knowledge, and focusing on action for the good of the individuals, community, and the wider world

Sunny Gurpreet Singh built the whole + holistic wellness = #wholisticwellbeing around the concept of #Holisticwellness as an approach to being healthy that looks at a person’s health in a holistic way.

whole + holistic wellbeing

= #wholisticwellbeing

considers the body, mind and spirit. Attention to all three is needed to stay balanced

The 7 pillars of wellbeing are:

Physical wellbeing, Emotional wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, Planetary Wellbeing, Community Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing, Professional Wellbeing.

Sunny Gurpreet Singh believes #RoundGlass to be the ultimateproject of his life, leaving a legacy of whole + holistic wellness = #wholisticwellbeing.

“Everything that happened in my life up to this point, has been in preparation for #RoundGlass. The same way, I was destined to become an entrepreneur”. — Sunny Gurpreet Singh

“Some people are lucky to find their calling in life early. But for the majority of us, as the journey of life unfolds, we are continuously soul searching”. — Sunny Gurpreet Singh

“The time spent soul searching is, however, not lost. It prepares you for what your real life purpose is, it shapes you, and it shapes your character”. — Sunny Sunny Gurpreet Singh

Sunny Gurpreet Singh wants to use his expertise solving issues with #wellness #wellbeing #health #supplychain and #enterprise integration problems for a profitable organization that is making a meaningful wellbeing difference

#Corporatewellness programs have become the norm for US-based companies (with 50+ employees)

Sunny Gurpreet Singh, Founder RoundGlass, Edifec focus is on Inspiring People With Wholistic Wellbeing, Corporate Wellness Leadership https://www.intelligenthq.com/sunny-gurpreet-singh-founder-roundglass-edifec-inspiring-people-with-wholistic-wellbeing-corporate-wellness-leadership/

In the UK, it is estimated that only 45% of companies currently offer workplace #wellness schemes; however, this is on the rise

A recent report on #corporatewellness suggests that the average number of annual working days per staff member lost to absenteeism or presenteeism has risen from 23 to 30 and thus encourages more companies to invest in wellness

Sunny Gurpreet Singh investment and visionary approach towards #wholisticwellbeing is critical for navigating a better and more #socialimpact driven #openbusiness #sustainable world

Wholistic wellbeing is all about that: find the balance between working hard, being productive, and achieving happiness at the same time. And that is what we do at RoundGlass.