The Metaverse Revolution, still from a film by Dinis Guarda

Welcome to the Metaverse Revolution

Dinis Guarda
6 min readMay 29, 2022


“For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.”
― Sir Thomas More, Utopia

“The wisdom of the crowds has peaked. Web 3.0 is taking what we’ve built in Web 2.0 — the wisdom of the crowds — and putting an editorial layer on it of truly talented, compensated people to make the product more trusted and refined.” Jason Calacanis

If you’re waiting for the metaverse revolution, you already missing it. It is happening in front of you!

The Metaverse is a new door for Humanity opening up to our society 5.0., Blockchain NFTs act as the keys.

The Metaverse or Metaverses are opening new roads. The Metaverses are drive us to new digital interactive worlds that open expanded experiences, fantasies and that are quickly becoming our new real, augmented and virtual realities. Our new digital twin transformed world.

We are living in a digital twin metaverse world. Digital twins are critical to explain our data enabled tech world. Digital twins are the virtual representation of our reality, our cities, our bodies, our buildings, our objects that serves, portrait the real-time digital counterpart of our personal and social physical objects or processes.

The concept originated earlier with the first practical definition and construction of digital twin with NASA in an attempt to improve physical model simulation of spacecrafts in 2010. This concept is more important than ever.

Are you ready for Metaverse revolution! Still from video by Dinis Guarda

Digital twins and metaverse are one related iteration as the virtual models, also called web 3.0 — the major concepts of technological times. The metaverse together with digital twins represent and expand our social economic models designed to accurately reflect and represent our physical objects and its iterations and datification.

The Metaverse is now becoming tech’s next trillion-dollar opportunity. Increasing number of companies are moving in immersive mixed reality virtual spaces that will allow users, consumers, businesses to go beyond what’s possible in real life. This has been highlighted in multiple reports such as a recent one from CB Insights, which highlights how the Metaverse will disrupt at least 13 leading global business industries including fashion, retail, gaming, education and more.

The Metaverse concepts and all the metaverses platforms are the platforms, the agoras of the 21st century. The world economy in 2022 is around USD 80 trillion. Goldman Sachs is putting the value of the metaverse at $12 trillion.

That’s more than the top 30 largest companies on the Dow Jones, including Apple and Microsoft at today’s prices.

The metaverse has already changed the way that we live and work. But that is just the beginning!

All major technologies players and now also governments and cities in the world are planning for the Metaverse. Meta, former Facebook, has been leading the talk at least in the media. Tech giant Microsoft announced on May 24 the creation of an “industrial metaverse”. This announcement highlights the urgent innovation for the work force that will allow workers, businesses to wear augmented reality headsets to manage supply chains.

Metaverse products are going increasingly to be used in work and business-related applications as there’s needs to be created further breakthrough consumer product yet.

The major Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) believes that gaming infrastructure and technologies will be “key building blocks of the Metaverse.”

The Metaverse and its set of solutions are and will be increasingly offering hybrid Mixed Augmented Reality state of existence right now.

Metaverse NFTs Web 3.0, infographic, from book Metaverse NFTs Uprising, by Dinis Guarda

Some technological developments are so big, they change our behaviour. Change our society. That is the case of the Metaverse!

The Metaverse concept and the Web3 ideological framework (also known as Web 3.0 and most of the times designed as web3) is a large idea for a new development iteration of the World Wide Web based on the nature of the blockchain technologies.

These technologies look at new system of governance that open the concept of centralised to the larger iteration of decentralised web. This is a big shot as most of the human organisations are highly centralised. So far there are a few early-stage proper working and advanced Web 3.0 applications, but new developments in integrated AI big data, blockchain, AR and VR with NFTs and immersive digital experiences are embedding in the web infrastructure, new more advanced true potential.

Web 3.0 aims to be the third generation of internet and all its related services for advancing websites, IP, concept generations, human interfaces, and applications that will focus on using a machine-based AI — ML.

This web3 infrastructure is the layout for the Metaverse revolutionary capacity to leapfrog our technologies in further spatial computation — digital twins- that can incorporate and foster understanding of data to provide a data-driven and Semantic Web. Web3 Metaverse is designed to augment our human gig economy and creative economy and incorporate more balance decentralised metaversive experiences.

The ultimate goal of all the concept of the Web 3.0 is to create and develop more powerful and intelligent, connected and open digital experiences and websites — web experiences. These digital experiences will integrate AR VR and Mixed reality integrated Technologies and experiences.

Some working technologies that qualify as Web3 can be listed in my infographic bellow and in this list:

  • Blockchain 360 supply chain and related fintech, payment and certification, plus cloud computation Technologies;
  • Cryptocurrency — Tokenomics: The major Cryptocurrencies that have created tokenomics and new business community driven ecosystems with Bitcoin as the Golden standard and Ethereum being the biggest by far.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that have created a 50 billion usd business since 2021 and counting.
  • Decentralised Apps (dApps);
  • Smart Contracts as the web3 digital layer of certifications;
  • Distributed Computing (Edge Computing);
  • Augmented Reality AR and Virtual Reality VR and the hybrid Mixed Reality MR iterations.
  • Avatars — As the Digital identity in the Metaverse / Web 3 that will be represented by avatars with utility. Avatars in particular in the form of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are and will increasingly play a critical role in the Metaverse, serving as a user’s digital identity within virtual spaces.

The hybrid-Mixed-Augmented-verse is the future maze of our human existence. It is the future of our social economic tribes.

Welcome to the Metaverse Revolution, video by Dinis Guarda

Our stories. Our narratives. Our perception is changing in a time of Humanity Beta!

The Metaverse will marks a new major chapter in Humanity cultural history by offering an alternative Evolutionary mode of storytelling now in digital transformation times.

Stories have sustained humanity culture and civilisation for many millennia. Stories teach us to speak, read and write; assimilate civil codes, and forge our identities. This will be done now in digital terms. Through stories and narratives, we learn about language and psychology, belonging and ownership, and the sense of right and wrong. This will now come to the Metaverse platforms we are and will increasingly build.

Metaverse technologies will define the narrative of our lives and our communities, and, by extension, of our centralised and decentralised circular socio-economic models, financial codes, and ethics. Will create new Maze directions and it is in our hands to make it a Utopian narrative.

Humanity Beta is the next stage of humanity. From Humanity 1.0, to Humanity 2.0. We are shifting From Humanity Alpha to Humanity Beta!

“This Metaverse is going to be far more pervasive and powerful than anything else. If one central company gains control of this, they will become more powerful than any government and be a god on Earth.” Tim Sweeney

The future is perpetual being written in our present. And, that future is now.

“You wouldn’t abandon ship in a storm just because you couldn’t control the winds.”
― Thomas More, Utopia

Are you ready for the Metaverse Revolution?

The Hybrid-mixed-augmented-verse of Metaverse, still from film by Dinis Guarda

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