Dinis Guarda
2 min readFeb 17, 2021
Imagination Human Dark Side & AI by Dinis Guarda
Imagination carry us to visible and invisible words that we never visit before, even without the neeed to go nowhere! Dinis Guarda

The challenges of AI, the Human Dark Side and AI. How Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we change as humans.

Imagination carry us to visible and invisible worlds that we never visit before, even without the need to go nowhere!

As Humans we are volatile butterflies who flutter for a day in our timeline and think we are in the Now forever.

Imagination is no longer a privilege of the human mind AI has changed the rules of the game.

How can AI deal with Humanity’s imagination, destructiveness — humanity’s light and dark side?

“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” ―Richard Bach

Can we look at imagination, as the creative engineering generation of new better creative data?

As humanity develops advanced artificial intelligence, humans will re-design themselves at an ever increasing rate.

Humans, so far have been designed in slow biological evolution.

That will change with AI’s new evolutionary path where human engineering fabrics will redesign their DNA as they advance in parallel with AI and robotics new paths.

Imagination and AI have to walk side by side.

You need desire and sufficient data to expand will and augment human engineering.

Imagination has a direct application of a magic delivery: guessing the representation of a subject in a different way, or in other words, translating an image from one representation to another.

AI have to serve Imagination not the other way around.

Edge computational AI is augmenting data and the limits of humanity & imagination

if we use wisdom and ethics we can become super intelligent children playing in a new sandbox of society and redesign our nature engineering and the fabric of our time.

We need to look at imagination, as the creative engineering generation of new data direction, in an increasing race to create a new AI driven world.

Inventing & Imagination is about surfing or building bridges: you have to prepare, research, anticipate and catch the wave, in the case of AI with data at just the right moment.

AI is a continuation of the human evolution and humanities discipline.

It’s really an attempt to imagine new ways and understand and augment human understanding and human intelligence.

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

―William Blake

by Dinis Guarda