Digital Transformation openbusinesscouncil summit Impact of Covid-19 — the Challenges of 4IR, Society 5.0, AI, Blockchain + Fintech — December 9 -10

openbusinesscouncil summit showcases 20 Governments and 100+ Global Industry Speakers on the 9 & 10 December 2020 and reflects how to build better solutions in an environment impacted by Coronavirus.

The openbusinesscouncil summit is a leading 2-day global virtual event that aims to strengthen businesses, startups and governments’ with digital transformation strategies and how to deal with the economic challenges and technology disruption arising from COVID-19.

The two-day summit provides access to a unique audience of 100+ leading global speakers from over 30 countries and a direct reach of 10.000 participants and an indirect reach digital streaming in social media that reaches around 10 million people. The participants include potential partners and clients, leading global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, startup organisations, accelerators, investors, authors and governments.

The summit has a solid focus on businesses and governments’ digital transformation strategies, and it will provide a road map of solutions, covering opportunities of how to work and collaborate as governments, businesses, cities, citizens and nations move forward with 4IR — Society 5.0. The summit will provide an international business and brand exposure through our media partners.

Dinis Guarda and Hilton Supra founders of and leading personalities on 4IR, AI, blockchain and smart cities, the curators of the event say:

“With businesses and startups facing uncertain times, a recession, drop in sales, and limited funding, the openbusinesscouncil summit will address today’s most pressing challenges with digital transformation solutions and what’s next for industries, cities, governments and businesses.”

About is a Leading Global Digital Business Directory Certification and Marketplace.

Created by a team of global thought leaders and business leaders with more than 20 years of working with governments, business networks, tech ecosystems, universities, we offer a business directory submission and digital blockchain AI certificate for businesses and professionals.

openbusinesscouncil directory and resources marketplace lists and connect businesses seeking to have better profile, augment their outreach and connect them with other companies, professionals, services & solutions to companies that have experience and qualifications in specific industries.

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CEO Founder author @citiesabc_ @intelligenthq @openbusinesshq @fashionabc_ @HedgeThink @tradersdna @ztudium #AI #tech #blockchain #Fintech #smartcities #ideas

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Dinis Guarda

Dinis Guarda

CEO Founder author @citiesabc_ @intelligenthq @openbusinesshq @fashionabc_ @HedgeThink @tradersdna @ztudium #AI #tech #blockchain #Fintech #smartcities #ideas

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